Léon Bührer Void

Source: Léon BührerTitle: VoidSchool: ETH ZurichChair: R. BolthauserLocation: Nairs, Scuol, SwitzerlandYear: 2023
Date: May 14, 2024 Category: Academic

Transformation of the Palace Hotel Scuol, a historic site in need of a new purpose and identity. Continued use as a 4-star hotel in its current form is not possible due to the difficult geographical location. Its location at the bottom of the valley is closely linked to the mineral springs on the other side of the river. The proximity to the springs, once an advantage, now leaves the complex isolated and without public transport. Instead, the site should be revitalised with a variety of uses. Central to the concept is the expansion of the art activities of the Fundaziun Nairs. Public spaces for exhibitions, conferences and seminars will be created in the garden and on the ground floor of the main hotel building. Another part will be converted into various types of apartments. The mix of increased public use and housing for the local community, as well as temporary residences, should bring more life to the site all year round. The intervention reduces the number of heated square metres, creating heated cells and zones of unheated intermediate climate. In order to limit the emission of grey energy as much as possible, the old structure will be retained and supplemented with a thick layer of wood and straw bale insulation. The goal is to preserve as much of the building as possible and to leave traces of what was taken away.

East wing in its current state

Restaurant in its current state

Hotel room in its current state

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