Herman Hertzberger De Drie Hoven Elderly Housing

Source: A+U Herman Hertzberger, April 1991Year: 1971Location: Louis Bouwmeesterstraat 377, 1065 NS AmsterdamClient: Nederlandse Centrale voor Huisvesting van Bejaarden (NCHB)
Date: May 11, 2024 Category: Classic

The building, intended for physically and mentally challenged people, consists of 55 dwellings for couples, housing units for 190 people and a nursing home with 250 beds.

The requirements for the different sections of the building are incorporated into a common building order; a system of columns, beams and floors, whereby, in a fixed and consistently applied module, a large amount of freedom in the utilisation of space arises.

It is assumed that the regulating power of the basic structure will be great enough to enable the incorporation of subsequent additions, however chaotic, without its unity being severely disturbed. The structure can be regarded as incomplete in another respect as well, namely in the colourless and unfinished appearance of the materials used.

It is hoped that this will stimulate the residents into exerting their inflence in shaping the environment to their liking.

Everything possible has been done to avoid a hospital atmosphere, which the emphasis on treatment-especially in the nursing home-tends to bring with it.

The main aim was to create an environment in which each person, according to his limitations, would have the greatest choice of modes of exchange: the basis of a varied social pattern within the singular world of a small town forced into a greater isolation than desirable. The living units in the different parts of the complex are situated along passageways which may be regarded as streets. They also have their own front doors, porches, and where possible, windows with a view over the “street”.

The big hall, called “village green” is the center of the entire complex, a sort of communal living room suitable for a variety of uses. While such large scale events as fashion shows, plays, concerts, religious services and parties are held here, there is also provision for those who wish to indulge in the cosier activities of drinking coffee and playing cards and billiards together.

Shops, laundry, bar, library, billiard hall, open fireplace, hairdresser, bank and giro branches, hobby rooms and party covered terrace, as well as other meeting and lecture rooms are all close at hand. The complex as a structure is essentially unfinished, much as a town centre is constantly being revised within its basic street system, according to changing requirements.

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