Foster + Partners FSB 1292

Source: FSBDesign: Foster + Partners Industrial DesignYear: 2024Shop: FSB 1292
Date: May 29, 2024 Category: Things

With FSB 1291 and FSB 1292, Foster + Partners Industrial Design have developed two lever handles for a particularly extensive product family with continuity across all application areas. Quality and durability are at the heart of their design concept. The starting point for the designs is FSB 1291, which stands out from conventional designs with its short handle, pronounced contact surface and “soft shape”.

The global architecture, urbanism, engineering and design studio Foster + Partners is recognized worldwide for its innovative buildings, sustainable urban and landscape design, pioneering engineering and thoughtful products that are impressive in social, technological and aesthetic terms. The focus of their designs is always on people, and how they interact with the built environment.

Together with FSB, the designers at Foster + Partners Industrial Design examined historical and contemporary everyday objects to understand how we use everyday objects to interact with the outside world.

When we take hold of a lever handle, this is often our first contact with a building. A coherently designed handle provides a warm welcome – through looks and haptic qualities geared towards utility and inspired by people’s needs.

The FSB 1291 lever handle differs from standard designs by the way it is moulded to the palm. Its short handle and particularly pronounced contact surface are a pleasure for hand and eye alike. The “soft shape” common to all members of the product collection really comes into its own on FSB 1291: rounded edges following a freehand curve elegantly modulate reflected light. Foster + Partners Industrial Design call it the “play of light”.

FSB 1292 has been evolved out of this shape and features a longer grip than classic lever handles.

Available in a variety of versions for different requirements and as an EN 179-compliant model, the product collection FSB 1292 guarantees complete suitability and design coherence for civic and commercial properties.

The entire product collection FSB 1292 is available in aluminium, stainless steel and bronze of the highest material quality and guarantees an extensive service life. The design of the collection harmonizes perfectly with all material and surface finishes. This diversity in turn allows them to be used in a wide variety of architectural concepts.

In addition, FSB is now the only manufacturer to offer the finish Aluminium Pure. This finish is a visual and tactile advance and at the same time particularly sustainable, as the final steps usually involved in processing aluminium are eliminated. Less water and energy are consumed, and recycling at the end of the life cycle is made easier. FSB only uses aluminium with a footprint of 4 kg CO2/kg – a quarter of the global average.

FSB is delighted to be able to add the striking and forward-looking designs from Foster + Partners Industrial Design to its range with immediate effect and to offer them in the new finish Aluminium Pure.

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