Arquitectura G KALEOS

Source: Arquitectura GClient: KALEOSLocation: Barcelona, SpainYear: 2024
Date: May 22, 2024 Category: Things

In a distinctive collaboration with the Barcelona-based brand KALEOS, we applied our design philosophy into eyewear. Our approach involved a simplification of the frame’s geometry to pursue a platonic archetype for eyewear.

This partnership with KALEOS represents the union of two different visions, blending precise geometry and craftsmanship. The design of the glasses followed the design philosophy we typically apply to the buildings we work on. Although we had prior experience working on the design of small-scale artifacts, it was the first time we dealt with the creation of an element where the relationship with the human body would be so direct. The selection of material, considering aspects such as their weight or hypoallergenic character, and the formal investigation needed to achieve an ergonomic product, were the principal aspects we had to face during the design process.

The initial ideas for this collaboration focused on creating glasses that were timeless and had an elemental aesthetic, capturing the simple essence of what glasses are. A reinterpretation of the first glasses designed in the XIII century, adapted to the latest technological advances.

The resulting capsule collection comprises five 100% titanium frames, handcrafted in Japan. Each frame features an elastic tube for adjustment, designed to offer a comfortable fit for any head size: sunglasses in silver, black, and natural titanium, and two optical frames in titanium and black. With essential features presented in a formal and chromatic manner, these glasses embody a product designed for everyone, a staple accessory.

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