Metronom arquitectura Social Club in Sants

Source: Metronom Location: BarcelonaCompletion: 2023Photography: Adriana Eskenazy
Date: March 20, 2024 Category: Interior Design, Things

The main design goal for this interior project is to create a radical and sober spatial atmosphere. It is meant to be a new Social Club in Sants neighborhood, Barcelona.

The distribution layout was completely given by the client, and it is unchangeable. The role of the interior design project needs then to be exclusively centered on materials, colors, lighting and custom furniture.

The concept works with a series of linear sofas that are attached to the existing walls, contributing to a relaxed, laid-back and comfortable mood. The pouf-type seats complement the sofas and are spread along with the small tables, adding flexibility to the space. This system creates intimate corners for small groups and C shapes for larger groups, inviting members to socialize in different ways in each case.

Lightness and darkness contrast to create a relaxing and sophisticated environment for club members. The general lighting is achieved through soft indirect light. Additionally, a series of suspension lamps (BCRM lamps designed by Barba Corsini & Joaquim Ruiz Millet) illuminate the green marble surfaces, enhancing the gathering areas. Green color is the new protagonist in a warm and sober environment. Polished stone, metallic frames and textile velvet couches are combined in chromatic harmony.

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