Barozzi Veiga + Tab Architects + Koplamp Architecten Groeninge Abbey

Source: Barozzi VeigaLocation: Kortrijk, BelgiumYear: 2020
Date: March 22, 2024

Barozzi Veiga, in collaboration with the local partners Tab Architects and the heritage architects Koplamp Architecten, win the competition for the renovation and extension of the Groeninge Abbey Art and Exhibition Space.

Situated in the city of Kortrijk, the project transforms and extends the historically valuable ensemble into a new Art and Exhibition Space for temporary exhibitions and public activities.

The new building comes as a clearly recognizable element in dialogue with the existing architecture. A new park pavilion that, with his monumental and elegant appearance, functions as a magnet for residents and visitors.


The project aims to formulate a strong answer to reach a clear organization of the program and a recognizable and open identity. For this reason, the building ensemble hosts a series of public programs besides the two underground state-of-the-art exhibition rooms that provide around 600 m2 of extra exhibition space.

With few precise gestures the project points to transform the Groeninge Abbey into an attractive Art and Exhibition Space in the heart of Kortrijk, a dynamic place for openness, dialogue, and connection.

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