oficina satélite Enamel 003

Source: oficina satéliteArchitects: Laia Rafel, Marc Castaño, Elisa VeguéPhotography: Jara VarelaLocation: Ibiza, Ballearic Islands, SpainYear: 2023
Date: December 6, 2023 Category: Interior Design, Things

In the border of Ibiza’s fortified old town, the heavy wooden doors of the buildings’ lower floors open up and close, following the rhythm of the island’s commercial activity, which never ceases to change.

Our doors, painted dark blue, reveal the bright, artificial interior of this space, creating a sequence of darkness and light, reminding of the island’s essential cycles, night and day. The aim was to provide this interior with a new skin —bright, clear, smooth— whose clean geometry could redraw the interior perimeter’s randomness, organizing space as an instrument of light.

The store’s different services connect to this main space, aknowledging its centrality, in a layout as compact as possible due to the site’s reduced area. The compactness of the space, as well as its artificial, enclosed atmosphere, results in its likeness to a spaceship. Just landed, it will open up its doors while the summer season remains.

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