TEST Sweep2 Shell

Source: Test ArquitectosPhotography: Jara VarelaLocation: Barcelona, SpainYear: 2023
Date: November 6, 2023 Category: Interior Design

The comission was to create a reception and exhibition space at the side entrance of a church that had already been refurbished several times. Our intuition is to disappear and merge, to create a welcoming, surrounding, fluid space

A place of welcome must be empty so that everthing can fit in it. It must be white to freely embrace the will to expand, inherent in all colors. 

If we wanted to mould the invisible and friendly nothingness that surrounds us, if we wanted to materialize the mysterious hospitality of oxygen, provide it with structure, we would build a space like this. 

The inside of an eggshell, where our eyes rest on contours without edges, and words sound protected when they burst against the curved – sherltered by the clean line htat separates one reality from another” – L. Tarnawski

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