Estudio DIIR Neutrale

Source: Estudio DIIRArchitects: David Meana, Ignacio Navarro, Iñigo Palazón and Ricardo FernándezPhotography: David ZarzosoLocation: Barcelona, SpainYear: 2023
Date: November 29, 2023 Category: Interior Design, Things

Neutrale’s first store in Barcelona continues the exploration begun in previous spaces.

Once again, the Mediterranean aesthetic characterizes the atmosphere and achieves it, in this case, using new aesthetic resources. Brand identity and sales experience, two of the most researched concepts in the office´s professional practice, are once again at the forefront.

First of all, the excellent qualities of the original premises are used to bring out the advantages of the space. In that sense, any kind of physical barrier is visually eliminated and a radical and courageous strategy is established. The introduction of two sculptural elements defines the space. A curved wall draws the geometry of the space and, consequently, presents a singular retail experience. Its location proposes a radial path, through which the user enjoys the display of garments. At the same time, a three-step grandstand serves as a welcoming piece. Its longitudinal character is not only used to display the product but also functions as a counter. Both elements face the street as a showcase and “embrace” the customer from the moment he/she enters.

This exploration of new exhibition devices must be complemented with a careful selection of materials. The desire to emphasize the austerity and neatness of the space leads to the use of three materials. Wall and bench are made entirely of Fetdeterra, a solution made of compacted earth blocks whose stacking offers versatility. A material that, in addition to being km.0 and standing out for its sustainable qualities, provides an earthy tone that reflects the essence of the Balearic Islands. This solution, massive and forceful, contrasts with the steel exhibition pieces. The tectonic character of coat racks and shelves provides a clean and refined aesthetic. Finally, fabrics are used as curtains. The sinuosity of these elements dialogues with the monumentality of the massive blocks.

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