POST LIKE 1st Young Architecture Biennal

Source: POST LIKECuratorial Team: Eduard Fernández, Arnau Pascual, Marina Podevano, Laura SolsonaOrganized by: Associació de Joves Arquitectes de CatalunyaLocation: COAC, Barcelona, SpainDates: October 5th - October 16thAgenda: PDFYear: 2023
Date: October 2, 2023 Category: Things

The first Young Architecture Biennial of Catalonia will take place from October 5th to 16th at the Catalan Board of Architects (COAC) in Barcelona with the support of the Open Centre for Architecture.

This Biennial has been promoted by AJAC, with the aim of giving a voice to young architects not only through their awards as they have done throughout the thirteen editions of the AJAC awards, but also through spaces for debate and discussion that address issues shared by the younger generation. To this end, AJAC opened a competition for curatorial ideas whose prize was awarded to the current team formed by Marina Povedano and Arnau Pascual together with Laura Solsona and Eduard Fernández, from the architecture studio self-office.

POST LIKE manifest seeks to harness the power of images to reveal stories that delve into architectural reflection and criticism. Both the content of the exhibition and the activities generated around the Biennial adopt this characteristic analogue-digital dynamic of contemporary culture, challenging the paradigms of social networks and addressing the concerns that directly affect our global society through architecture.

The Biennial’s programming will revolve around visual culture, appealing directly to a generation immersed in digitalization, the immediacy of networks, artificial intelligence and desires guided by algorithms. For this reason, the Biennial will be deployed in groundbreaking formats and activities, appealing to both the architecture discipline and the mainstream public.

More than 25 activities spread over more than ten days will shape the first Young Catalan Architecture Biennial. A manifest installation called XYZ, lectures by Maxime Delvaux, Urtzi Grau, Maio, Traumnovelle, Javier Fernández Contreras, Núria Moliner or Lluís Alexandre Casanovas, discussions between young local and European architects, cross-corrections between Catalan architecture universities, guided visits to private homes of young Catalan studios and the exhibition of works awarded in the XIII edition of the AJAC awards.

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