LAMP Stormbell 80

Source: LAMPLight Design: artec3Material Design: OiKo Design Office studioYear: 2020Shop: Stormbell 80
Date: October 18, 2023 Category: Things

Stormbell 80 is the result of the collaborative work that comes from the challenge of offering new solutions for the constantly evolving new spaces, generating an environment that tries to “make the office feel like home”. For this reason, Lamp has collaborated with artec3 Studio and OiKo Design Office studio.

The initial plan was to design a lighting solution with a friendly language that also meets the technical requirements of good architectural lighting, offering high quality lighting, lighting comfort and glare control.

The winner of the German Design Award and the Adi-fad Golden Delta Award, artec3 Studio, solved how to adapt the product to spaces where light was very close to people, designing the Stormbell 80 luminaire. Preserving the rationalist inspiration of its larger predecessor, this luminaire was developed through the miniaturisation and design of different hood typologies, coming to life in four models of different shapes and sizes that generate varied light sensations and luminous proximity in the space configuration, providing the option to choose between their individual or system version.

The application of sustainable and sound-absorbing materials was considered during the design process to give this luminaire one of the differential features that makes it unique. For this reason, Lamp collaborated with the OiKo Design Office studio, winners of the German Design Award and the Red Dot Award, to raise Stormbell 80 to the category of a sound-absorbing luminaire, with excellent environmental behaviour and a better user experience, thanks to the “rematerialisation” of one of its screen types.
The research process led to the development of an exhaustive work on three material proposals:

  • PET felt from bottles;
  • Recycled cork stoppers from wine and cava bottles collected by people with social integration difficulties;
  • Thermoformed hemp as an expression of maximum naturalness and a groundbreaking option.

A range of circular materials with which Lamp and OiKo start their collaboration path with the aim of making Lamp’s catalogue as eco-friendly as possible in the next few years.

In our commitment to sustainability, we have begun a relationship with OiKo Design Office to rematerialise our catalogue in terms of circularity and minimal environmental impact, always looking to improve the functionality of our products and design quality” says Raquel Quevedo, Lamp’s Marketing Director.

Finally, “the design proposal of making different types of screens to provide diversity in the light expression of the product, gave us the opportunity of working with sustainable materials that offer the product new textures and lighting qualities” explains Victor Vinyamata, product and innovation director of artec3 Studio.

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