John Tree Apex Lamp

Source: John TreeYear: 2023
Date: September 20, 2023 Category: Things

This was my first project with Hay who briefed me on a small clip on type of light.

The idea of using a simple folded steel shade folding around a candle bulb came pretty quick and seemed to easily translate into a family of models which we did.

The rotating shade allows the direction of light to be easily adjusted and with its graphic shape became the focus of the design. So I highlighted this form in a range of gloss finish colours that all sit on simple Crome plated stems.

The clip was something that went thought a few iterations as we were trying to keep this as economical as possible to make. Formed in folded steel plate it is cut open to allow the stem of the light to intersect it and form a neat little junction that on some models also allows rotation of the stem.

Rolf pushed hard to get both a good finish and a good price which was really important, and the team at HAY are really responsive and collaborative which at the end of the day makes the product become the client, one that we all worked together satisfying.

I hope its simplicity allows Apex to work in whatever type of space it ends up illuminating.

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