Mies van der Rohe FSB 1267

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Date: September 13, 2023 Category: Things

Colour evokes emotion, creating atmosphere and providing orientation.

It accentuates a detail or blends it harmoniously into the space.

Sometimes we only perceive colour subconsciously, sometimes it commands attention.

At best, when used masterfully, it allows a building, a room or an object to truly shine.

The market offers a plethora of colour systems with an almost infinite range of shades.

FSB pays tribute to the revered Ludwig Mies van der Rohe with this design. The FSB 1267 is more than just a replica of an original Mies van der Rohe lever handle, however. While retaining the formal thrust of its forebears, our interpretation also conforms to present-day standards and the requirements of modern architecture.


Tee handle for windows FSB 3428 in color 9356 (LC 4320N bleu céruléen 59)

Door handle FSB 1267 in color 9324 (LC 32080 orange)

82 8420 Drop-down support rail

15 1267 Plug-in handle for doors

Bath towel rail FSB 8460 in color 9346 (LC 4320C rose vif)

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