Harry Weese Campbell U. S. Courthouse Annex

Source: Harry WeeseLocation: Chicago, United StatesYear: 1975
Date: August 16, 2023 Category: Classic

The skyscraper detention center is on a square block in the south Loop of Chicago. The 27-story triangular tower and serven-story 850-car garage recognize the Loop in scale, geometry and form.
One of three Metropolitan Correctional Centers in the U.S., this federal correctional center is an approach to more humanitarian prison conditions. Administration and social services comprise the lower half; federal detainees awaiting trial and prisoners are housed in the upper half, wich includes a roof-top landscaped exercise yard.
Based on program guidelines, each multipurpose core space serves 44 people. This module contains inmates’ rooms, exercise, lounge kitchenette, dining, and visitors’ rooms. The size of each module allows for separation of men and women, old from young, and first-time offenders from repeators. Each detainee has a private room with the followings amenities: a five-inch wide vertical windows (maximum opening allowed ny Bureau of Prison standars), thus no cell bars, carpeted floor, toilet facilities, wood vanity, bed platform, and drawers.
The triangular tower plan maximizes perimeter space for exterior windows, thus views, and minimizes corridor lengths. Corners function as stairwells and elevator service cores.


  • Pol Viladoms July 9, 2013

    recorda al projecte de Gordon Bunshaft (SOM), del bank d’Arabia Saudí…

  • Dani July 6, 2013

    poder, des de l’alçada, on es té una perspectiva de la ciutat diferent i el sorolls es confonen, el canvi és possible… hipòtesis de banda i malgrat ser un correccional, em sembla un projecte molt interessant! gràcies per penjar-lo…


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