BONA FIDE A Pergola open to the Fields

Source: BONA FIDE TallerPhotography: Oleh Kardash HorlayDate of Construction: 2021Location: Sot de Ferrer, Castellón
Date: April 19, 2023 Category: Things

There is a balcony of rod mesh and jasmine at the end of St.Peter street, above the medlar plantation. On one side lies the walls of the Gothic Palace garden, settling point from where the village of Sot de Ferrer grew, in the province of Castellon, Spain.

On the other side, a path gently slopes downward to the remains of the old washhouse. New stairs provide access and sitting –surprisingly, it is still in use by a few neighbors of age-.

The concrete wall allows for a small plaza open to the fields and the trees that follow the stream of the river. One can sit on its edge and refresh their feet in the main irrigation ditch, as it always carries water.

The pergola gathers all the space under its curved vault, soon to be covered by Virginia creeper vine, red in Autumn.

Situation Plan, previous to intervention

Structural Plan with Details

Ground Floor Plan, Proposal for Ceramic Tiles and Situation on Site

Ground Floor Plan, Material

Ground Floor Plan, Final Proposal Ceramic Tiles

Metallic Structural Plan with Details

Viewpoint, Relation to the Surrounding

Structural Details, Street Kerb

Detail Railing

Detail Lighting

Detail Lighting

Detail Lighting

Detail Bins

Detail Bins

Detail Roof Construction

Sketchbook – Project Process

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