Salvador Ubach + Miguel Angel Valls Papallones i Pedres

Source: Salvador Ubach + Miguel Angel VallsSchool: ETSA Barcelona, Housing and CityStudio: Xavier Ros (H arqquitectes)Year: 2022
Date: March 21, 2023 Category: Academic

Academic project on a 15.000 m2 land, 5.000 buildability, 80% roof built, 20% tertiary uses, 200 inhabitants in three different housing sizes, 25 m2 of orchards and other crops, for each person, with 1000 m2 of parking. A possibility to experiment the concept of living. Impossible is nothing.

Utopian, naive, the constructive process draws the scenery. The artifice in the plantation of trees on Collserola’s hill changes the conception of her nature. Adding the existence of an old quarry that in a later stage was used for agriculture, is where we find the plot of our project. The leveling for a plane plantation and high drops of topography contrast with flat areas as a result of the quarry generating the irregularity of the area and its perimeter. Understanding the site, we choose to re-introduce land, essential in the construction, that will later disappear, once completed the buildings.

Centralized sharing spaces organize the distribution of houses. In order to adapt “on” the topography, like the planes of a staircase, one room, one dome, two rooms, two domes, and on and on. Its multiplication varies within the conjunction of separating and unifying spaces. Consequently, yards appear in different scales of privacy. The overlapping of circles creates circulation spaces in the wall’s intersections.

Abstracted from any culture, it has its own identity, the transition between city and forest is its context. In time, we will no longer be the architects, the implemented ecosystem will self-build and inevitably the native landscape will emerge.

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