Macías Peredo Archives 9

Source: Archives, Journal of ArchitectureBookshop: La CapellDate: 11.2022
Date: January 20, 2023 Category: Books

Magui Peredo and Salvador Macías founded Macías Peredo in 2013, with Diego Quirarte joining in 2019 to form a perfectly suited team in which they are aware of how the outcome of their projects is due to interests and enthusiasm of each member.

This Archives contains much of the work by Macías Peredo carried out in under ten years, a brief period in which they have been able to construct a good many works and plan many more. Basically, they have made homes; domestic spaces perfectly adapted to the climate, expanding the space by introducing shade and abundant vegetation. All of them are intended to be flexible, with this possibility growing in the more recent projects. This allows for easy transformations, as occurs in the Turin Building and also in the Mendoza one where, with no changes, the studio where they work occupies a space in one of the homes.
To a lesser extent, they have also been designing hotels and educational or industrial spaces for some time, using open approaches with clear, diverse procedures that take into account the area’s conditions and what has been inherited from the past, while at the same time heading along new paths.

Their works contain contemporary points of reference, but there are many that come from a careful interpretation of history thanks to the contact they have had with Manuel Aguilar-Moreno and his teachings.
That is why it was clear that Aguilar-Moreno would be that familiar person about whom they were going to write in this Archives.

There are books and photographs stemming from those trips and conversations, which have surrounded them before and during every project, the images taking on such a clear role that it has led them to turn them into the 24 images with no text in this journal. Rather, it is those photographers’ books that occupy this space.

The photographic pointers with which this Archives begins and ends come from a tour through the state of Jalisco and also around the Yucatán peninsula. There are many of them and it has been necessary to cut down on the amount in order to fit in a mere selection on the pages available.

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