Cabinet Architects Grand Voiret

Source: Cabinet Architects Photography: Federico FarinattiYear: 2021
Date: January 16, 2023 Category: Interior Design, Things

The project concerns the refurbishment of a cooking and dining area in an existing house. A folded wall, reminiscent of a screen, acts as a filter between both spaces. It preserves their autonomy while allowing cross views that are extended throughout the existing windows. A series of timber pilasters give the rhythm and articulate the different openings that vary between passages and an open bar. Family and guests can gather around the latest to share a glass of wine or a starter while the host is cooking. The chromatic game of figure and ground allows a visual intertwining of the screen and the kitchen features, blurring the limit between the interior and exterior of each space. Variations of the same primary colour – IKB and sky blue – emphasize either the depth or the surface quality of elements. Exposed timber fragments relate to the existing oak floor underlining the connection between old and new.

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  • a January 19, 2023

    proyecto sencillo con grandes detalles


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