AMUNT Friha, House on a Hill

Source: Nagel Theissen Photography: Rasmus NorlanderDate of Construction: 2021Location: Freiburg
Date: January 25, 2023

In the wake of the sustainability debate, vacations in Germany have become much more popular again, and many travellers are amazed to discover the diverse landscapes and beautiful natural areas between the coast in the north and the Alps in the south. Sustainable travel is on everybody’s lips against the backdrop of climate change. Our clients, who vacation exclusively in Germany, approached us wanting just that: a sustainable vacation home with quality architecture and to share it with many.

The compact 110 sqm wooden house surprises with a generous, two-storey living space with a variety of room situations, stepped by room steps, following the topography of the plot: Entrance with wardrobe, a few steps down follow the kitchen and dining area with the large balcony under the maple, and finally, more steps lead to the living room and fireplace room. Walking through the house, the wanderer is accompanied by numerous, wide views of the valley and the surrounding area and the feeling of being inside and outside at the same time.

The thin roof shell with the large roof protrusions lays itself protectively over the two building volumes, which are angled at 45° to the slope. The resulting floor plan organization appears abstract, but its aim is to facilitate a variety of references to the site without coming too close to the neighbouring buildings, and at the same time to optimally capture the sun in the south.

A central, open staircase leads via a gallery to the upper floor, whose small, intimate and very different individual rooms form a contrast to the generous living space under the protective roof. Maximally large openings repeatedly bring the landscape into the house. The different sleeping situations are meant to give pleasure and support the vacation feeling: a bunk bed, similar to those in mountain huts, a cosy bedroom reminiscent of an alcove, the sleeping gallery under the roof and a bedroom with a view of the stars. In total, the abode offers eight varied sleeping places for families, friends and couples.

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