Wingardhs Helsingborg Water Tower

Source: WingardhsPhotography: Werner Nystrand
Date: September 23, 2022


Helsingborg water tower is a new and innovative structure. Its circular tank is 90 meter in diameter. The 10 meter tall and 5 meter wide tank is supported by 24 pillars, each 27 meter tall. Set aside is a circular service tower. It is all molded in a light colored concrete, just as the minor supporting structures on the ground.
This unusual solution is the most feasible and sustainable way to provide a community with water. The function, as well as its sheer visibility, opens for emblematic structures in intimate dialogue with the landscape.
The tower on a hill is surrounded by low embankments, which enhances the detached and archaic atmosphere of the timeless creation. It may be associated with prehistoric earthworks, ancient acropols or aqueducts, but is also a sovereign tribute to art and technology. The 24 pillars create a huge sundial. The effect add value to any kind of event that may take place inside the arena-like setting in the center of the court.





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