Hans Kollhoff Leibnizkolonnaden am Walter-Benjamin-Platz

Source: Kollhoff ArchitektenPhotography: Ivan Nemec
Date: March 11, 2022 Category: Classic

The new town square between Wielandstrasse and Leibnizstrasse, with its 32 m width and 108 m length, with a peripheral development that is based on the Berlin eave height, corresponds to a metropolitan space type that is often found in European metropolises.


This urban space is car-free, and restaurants and cafés open onto it. In summer the square is available for public events. A fountain forms a spatial conclusion to Leibnizstraße and shields the traffic noise with its water noise. Two-storey colonnades expand the square, offer protection from the weather and create a fine demarcation between the shop zone and the public open space.


The maximum eight-storey square development contains apartments with shops on the ground floor and offices on the first floor. In the south wing, on the sixth floor and on the roof, a day-care center with its own entrance hall and lift system is planned. The colonnades running around the corner ensure a spacious entrance.


A two-storey underground car park with approx. 400 parking spaces is located under the square. The inner courtyards, which do not have a basement, are planted with large trees and continue the character of the neighboring courtyards.

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