Igual + Guggenheim Apartments in Wetzikon

Source: AfasiaPhotography: Radek Brunecky
Date: December 29, 2021


The cooperative settlement “Rimini” is based on the permeable and open building structure of the residential area. With three four-storey apartment buildings, the project takes the scale of the neighbouring surroundings as a starting point. The buildings are set at an appropriate distance from each other, so that pleasent views are created. This is also supported by the slightly bent longitudinal facades. The volumes are kept simple and cubic. The architectural expression of the new buildings with a regular rythm of French windows, room-high shutters and slightly projecting roofs conveys an almost Mediterranean, welcoming atmosphere.

The 36 rented apartments, which are suitable for the elderly and disabled, have been designed to be cost-effective and compact: The floor plan layout with an open and flowing spatial figure for kitchen, dining and living replace unnecessary circulation areas and offers a high degree of flexibility in use.

The new built volumes will be connected to the existing cooperative housing estate by means of an integrative path system consisting of different recreational and meeting zones. In the transition from old and new settlement, a square with a common room will be offered as a cross-generational meeting place. The houses have generous entrance halls, which are connected to this network of paths within the settlement. The urban development is supported by a simple surrounding concept: A meadow with short trunk trees is to be found on the entire plot, conventional lawns are planted around the houses. “Garden islands” detached from the buildings are available to the “garden apartments” together with loggias as additional resting place. The urban planning challenge consisted in the implementation of an adequate development proposal in a neighbourhood that is characterised by mainly small buildings.
In the heterogeneous surroundings, the three houses archieve their own and deliberately reserved identity.












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