Ensamble Studio Ca’n Terra

Date: July 14, 2021

Source: Ensamble Studio
Photography: Iwan Baan & Ensamble Studio

Ca’n Terra is the house of the earth. The fruit that nature gives us, as a found space; which requires tillage and cultivation to imbue the received offering with domesticity. If the history of civilization has greatly evolved transforming ideas into built work, in Ca’n Terra, the process is inverted and history interpreted to transform it into architecture. The transfer from drawing to built mass gives way to the translation of given matter to digital data through the architectural reading of a geological discovery. The discovered space has industrial logic as a former Mares stone quarry, artistic potential as sublime cavern carved by hand, and mineral nature as extract of the stony landscape on the island of Menorca. Finding this excavated space in the guts of the earth and reinventing its use implies writing a new story that can rescue it from its abandonment. As first contact we enter the space like explorers would do, equipped with the technology that expands our vision in the dark; throwing millions of laser points on the wrinkles of the continuous stone surface we register with millimetric precision the solid structure that was built for us and is now ready to be polished and inhabited. Behind the scan, the architect’s eye, directing, interpreting, creating the space again. That’s why the discovery is considered a new work, destined this time to become a room to contemplate nature. In lieu of an imposing action that many times architecture exerts on the environment, we propose a trip to the interior being of matter, and recognize the freedom with which it gives us spaces to live.

Photo: Iwan Baan


Photo: Iwan Baan


Photo: Iwan Baan


Photo: Iwan Baan










































Author of the project:
Antón García-Abril &
Debora Mesa Molina

Project team:
Javier Cuesta (building engineer)
Borja Soriano (project manager)
Claudia Armas
Alvaro Catalan
Massimo Loia
Marco Antrodicchia
Sebastián Zapata
Arianna Sebastiani
Ekam Sahni
Yu-Ting Li
Joel Kim
Gonzalo Peña
Barbara Doroszuk
Yvonne Asiimwe
Mónica Acosta

Project location:
Menorca, Spain.

Date of project:
2018 – 2020

End of building construction:
In progress

Ensamble Studio

Construction management:
Ensamble Studio

Urculo engineering (MEP)

Built area:
1 000 m²

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