Goran Travar MA Project

Source: Goran TravarSchool: MA TUM MünchenStudio: Stephen Bates + Bruno KruckerYear: 2020
Date: October 29, 2020 Category: Academic

For a long time, I have been interested in contemporary and the mood of today. This interest is undoubtedly intertwined with my desire to know history. Not for the sake of knowing it, but really understanding why things happened the way they did.

We live in times, in which we are busier than ever before, suffer under different inequalities and are overwhelmed with work so much, that the concept of leisure lost it’s value completely. Instinctively, I would address those issues firstly through public buildings. But lately, I stumbled upon some thoughts on domestic inequalities and an idea that once the domestic is more equal, the society will be more equal.

Building up on Richard Sennett work „The Open City“, I focused my project on allowing complexity to emerge. That means different people should be able to dwell in the apartments provided and different occupations of space should be possible. The starting point is therefore spatial equality. Spaces are not tied up to a certain function, they rather have moods attributed to them. One of the overarching moods is calm and harmony.

To live today means to ask some fundamental questions on what are we here for, how do we organise people, how do we work and live, what’s the relationship between nature and people and many more. My project tries to address those questions.

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