Brendeland Kristoffersen Svartlamoen housing complex

Date: April 15, 2020

Source: Arkitektur N
Photographies: Toni Garcés, Jeroen Musch

This housing complex, the result of an open architectural competition in 2002, is located in a test zone for urban sustainability. It consists of two buildings flanking a south-facing rear yard: a five-storey block of communal housing units with offices on the ground -floor, and a two-storey block of six studio flats.

The main concerns of the project has been user participation, sustainable architecture, flexible planning and innovative use of timber. The aim of the house plans is to reduce the overall area whilst retaining quality of liv-ing. In the communal flats, half the area is shared, giving inhabitants access to a spacious kitchen, living area and balcony for the price of a studio flat. Room heights vary from 2,8 to 4,5 metres. The average area per person is 22 square metres.

The walls and floor slabs of the two blocks are constructed from compact timber elements, all exposed internally. Load bearing external walls give freedom to move internal partitions as required. External panelling, windows and doors are in untreated heartwood pine.

The inhabitants have been involved in all phases of design and construction and have partly completed the actual building works. This process of involvement and change will continue in the years to come.















Date: 2005
Address: Strandveien 37, Trondheim, Noruega.
Client: Svartlamoen boligstiftelse
Architect: Brendeland y Kristoffersen arkitekter AS
Personal: Geir Brendeland y Olav Kristoffersen
Consultant: Nils Fjærvik, Reinertsen Engineering AS (building), Hege Tryggestad y Geir Jensen, Cowi AS, Terje Dahlheim, Cowi AS, Marit Fjær, Cowi AS
Project’s coordinators: Harald Nissen, fundación de vivienda Svartlamoen, Idar Støwer, municipio de Trondheim, Astrid Storøy.
Client representant: Erik Hagerup, Scandiaconsult AS
Construction company: Stjern AS
Builded surface: 1015 m2
Budget: 10 933 132 kr
Solid wood provider: Ekologibyggarna AB y Santner & Spieh’s OEG
Photography: Jeroen Musch (Netherlands)


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