08014 Landscape regeneration of Camí de Cabrianes

Source: 08014 arquitectura (Adrià Guardiet, Sandra Torres)Location: Camí de Cabrianes, SallentPhotography: Pol ViladomsYear: 2019
Date: March 19, 2020



To develop and improve something, especially by making it as good or successful as it was before.

This project, like any regeneration process, can be explained in 3 successive times: a past time where the path and its edges defined a system of open spaces, easily accessible, perfectly integrated into their environment. A present time where the path is transformed into a heavy traffic road, with serious problems of accessibility, which rips the territory. A future time, imagined and projected as a -not literal- back to the past time.

This project is a de-construction process: to open the door to the landscape through the demolition of a concrete balustrade that defined an overly explicit boundary between infrastructure and landscape. A de-materialization process: to reintegrate architecture and environment through the use of local and low impact resources. An un-hiding process: to provide access to the open spaces on the path edges by cleaning them.

This project aims the re-appropriation of the natural areas of the riverbank, through the arrangement of stairs, ramps and terraces that solve the connection between both levels; the re-habilitation of the riverbank promenade and its edges, becoming them into civic spaces; the re-integration of infrastructure and nature through a low-intensity intervention in a continuously changing environment that probably will soon impose its own law to get rid of the not fundamental.































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