Arrhov Frick Strandängen

Source: Arrhov FrickPhotography: Mikael OlssonLocation: Jönköping, SwedenYear: 2017
Date: December 9, 2019

The proposal is based on 6 independent house bodies, which calibrate with the view, the sun and the flow in the area. The houses will vary in height as well. “Our vision is based on nature and the place, what exists and what has been here”, Johan points out in an interview.

The proposal is based on several relatively small housing units instead of fewer and larger ones, which gives nice qualities both to the public who can move freely through the area, but also to the residents, the solution means that in principle all apartments get a corner location.

With large balcony areas, it offers views in almost every weather, regardless of where in the house you live.

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