Arrhov Frick Hammarby Gård

Source: Arrhov FrickPhotography: Mikael OlssonLocation: Stockholm, SwedenYear : 2015
Date: December 6, 2019

Hammarby gård – Hus 2 is one of seven houses within the residential block, HG7, in Hammarby, Stockholm.

Primarily longitudinal, one face of the building absorbs the morning sun, while the opposite, captures the evening sun. Early conceptualization of the project idealized each apartment to span between both faces, permitting sunlight exposure throughout the day.

The floor plans are organized around an open space that runs the depth of the apartment and contains the living room, entrance, kitchen and dining area. Each apartment has a central core holding the entrance and kitchen. The living and dining spaces can therefore be determined by the user, oriented toward the courtyard or street. All bedrooms connect to the main space, without the need for corridors.

The balconies towards the courtyard covers the entire façade and consists of a steel structure with sliding glass panels, framed in galvanized steel. These spaces extend the residential area, and are widely utilized by the residents. The possibility of this additional feature within the budget is due to the relatively low cost in construction technique. Entirely built in prefabricated concrete – facades and dividing walls as load bearing elements – the construction method was simplified and the building time shortened significantly.

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