Willi Wagner Ein Haus des Weines

Source: Willi WagnerSchool: RheinMain University of Applied SciencesStudio: Andreas Fuchs, Günter WeberYear: 2017
Date: September 19, 2019 Category: Academic

For centuries people have developed and shared valuable knowledge and traditions about the art of fermenting grapes. Today wine is one of our most famous consumer goods. Wine combines experience, knowledge, tradition, aesthetics, taste and above all enjoyment.

The wine region and cultural landscape Rheingau is located west of the Rhine-Main area and extends over a narrow strip between the Rhine and the northern Taunus mountains. On about 3,000 hectares of cultivated area the grape variety Riesling is grown – which is known for its racy, lively and fresh nature.
The task was to plan a new building for a traditional family winery. In addition to the traditional functions of winemaking, sales and presentation rooms, an apartment for the winegrower family and guest rooms are provided. The site in the vineyards is captured by the forest in the north and towards the south there is a wonderful view over the landscape of the Rheingau.
The proposed design is kind of a contemporary design, which radiates permanence and speaks a clear language. A house that is a worthy place both for the manufacturing process and for enjoying one of our oldest cultural assets.

Ein Haus des Weines.


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  • Gabriele September 23, 2019

    You flee from the conventional with the permanent development of designs and use of last generation materials, you improve the habitability….thanks..very nice the design


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