Fiechter & Salzmann Schulhaus Hünenberg

Date: June 5, 2019

Source: Afasia
Photography: Lucas Peters, Andreas Buschmann

The existing school building from the 1970s is a very extensive, spatially expansive two-to-three storey volume with 16 classrooms in the centre of Hünenberg. The façade had to be replaced due to its poor condition. The small classrooms needed enlargement to fulfil today’s requirements and were extended to include four new classrooms.

To avoid occupying further land, the footprint of the existing facility was not enlarged, so the structure with its three-winged volume and supports was retained and heightened by two storeys.

A spacious foyer leads from the entrance to the atrium, which represents the heart of the building. All upper levels are reached from this four-storey atrium by means of differently winding stairs. The bright room serves the school children as an attractive gathering space and break hall. Due to the great depth of the building and the resulting darkness in the entrance area, a new interior courtyard provides pleasant indirect lighting and offers pupils an inviting entrance to their school building.





















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  • Jo July 8, 2019

    As much conservative as it could be. Is it a school for nuns or an Altersheim?


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