Valerio Olgiati National Park Centre

Source: Valerio Olgiati Photography: Javier Miguel Verme
Date: May 13, 2019

The exhibitions are held in the new visitors centre. The administration is in the old castle building; the hall, foyer and seminar space are in the stables.
From outside the new building seems extremely regular, it has no emotional expression, so to speak. The inner spatial development is the product of antitheses: of concealing and revealing, heaviness and lightness, regularity and irregularity. The windows are slightly more horizontal in format, producing an “observing” view in all directions from each room. The exhibition spaces can be properly blacked out and all have the multi- functional technical facilities required for contemporary exhibitions.

Zernez Geb 2 (11) 0050

Zernez Geb 11 (10) 0141

Zernez 1 Geb. (10) 0159

Zernez Geb 4 (10) 0318

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