Aires Mateus, AAVP BAT. 170 Housing units and shops

Date: May 16, 2019

Source: Afasia

Photography: © luc boegly

On parcel 04b, between the new street and the new Martin Luther King urban park, the project stands out with two distinct constructions, alternating full and empty places and offering in its center a privatized garden as a continuation of the park. «Such a design allows the building to release remarkable views of the city. This choice made it possible to build upwards and on a larger scale, in order to feel like living in the sky.» Vincent Parreira Atelier Architecture AAVP and Aires Mateus e Associados agencies suggest the writing of a structural mantilla that evoking fragility. A delicate and protective cover encases the building. A white concrete exoskeleton creates the identity of the highest construction, revealing discreet living spaces, terraces, and continuous balconies. A monumental rift divides this large building, multiplies perspectives on the urban landscape and creates new ways of high-rise living.






















Architect: Aires Mateus

Location: Paris


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