Atelier 25/35A

Date: April 17, 2019 Category: Books

The book Atelier 25/35A joins up forty student projects developed during four semesters in the studio Florian Stanciu, at Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest, between 2014-2016 and edited by Oana Grămadă and Cezara Lorenț. Forty projects have been redrawn, redistributed and put under another light in order to better show what is at stake in the studio: regaining the irreductibility of the situations. The selected projects that are showed up in the book do not aim to offer strong, clear answers about how a house should be designed, but they are trying to recognize instead some circumstances and situations, some particularities of the places that define and enrich the quality of living.

Coordinator: Ina Stoian
Editors: Oana Grămadă și Cezara Lorenț
Texts: Florian Stanciu, Oana Grămadă, Cezara Lorenț
Translator: Cosmina Stănășel
Correction spelling and adaptation: Ina Stoian, Cosmina Stănășel
Designed by: Radu Manelici (Faber Studio)
Studio assistants: Tudor Elian and Anca Malașincu
Students: Paula Apostolidis; Casandra Armeanu; Oana Brânzei; Theodora
Chițan; Raluca Coman; Carina Davidoiu; Răzvan Deju; Iulia Dorobanțu; Elena
Florea; Andrada Galan; Cătălin Găman; Ștefania Inczeffi; Ligia Ion; Denisa Ivan;
Corina Lungu; Ioana Manole; Eduard Militaru; Andrada Oncescu; Ștefania
Popescu; Diana Rîmniceanu; Andrei Suhan; Ruxandra Vasile





















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