Objekt Architecten Barn House

Date: May 22, 2018

Source: Subtilitas
Photography: Bild Studio

Barn transformation in Flanders.

Objekt architecten is a versatile design agency where projects of every scale are at issue: from utensils and furniture to (interior) architecture. An attempt is made to offer a unique answer to every question, through a well-considered design. The result is a symbiosis of the program, which forms the content, and the form.
It is always designed from a necessary rationality and austerity. We look for a logic in which the indispensable benchmarks such as light, vision, space, materialization and detailing are decisive.

We are a design team that considers cooperation to be crucial in order to offer the best possible result. Through our search for new insights we always work towards innovative, qualitative designs. Each project is approached with an open mind and without prejudice, supported by a critical thinking and a design method that raises necessary compromises to an obvious.

Objekt architects is always looking for ‘spatial peace’ by aligning lines, openings and materials with each other and limiting it to an essential minimum.
Driven by curiosity and exploration, but taking into account the budgetary constraints, we work together with the client on considered, surprising results.















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