Bevk Perović Apartment building, Prule

Source: Bevk PerovićPhotography: miran kambič
Date: March 4, 2018

Apartment building Prule is located on the riverbank of Ljubljanica river, in a protected neighbourhood of urban villas from 1930’s , bordering the centre of Ljubljana. It replaces an older structure, a villa that once stood on the site.

The new project, conceived as a ‘stack’ of 3 large apartments, builds its character on the duality of 2 conditions – that of a river bank in the front, and the dense city fabric on the back. The spaces of the apartments are therefore divided into 2 stripes, running parallel to river and city structure respectively, with the ‘middle’ zone devoted to services. The front stripe – a living zone is complemented by the back stripe, fully flexible bedroom area.

Entirely constructed in cast, exposed concrete, the building ‘wears’ its structure on the exterior – its exoskeleton fully exposed to the views.






















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