The Scarcity and Creativity Studio and Students Eco Moyo Education Centre

School: AHO (The Oslo School of Architecture)Studio: Christian Hermansen + Solveig SandnessYear: 2017Photography: SCS
Date: February 1, 2018 Category: Academic


The program asked for two lockable classrooms of 50 m2 each, with their own outdoor teaching space, in the rural part of Kilifi, Kenya. These requirements plus the study of the tropical climate in the area, the vernacular architecture of the place and the available local materials have been the pillars that have shaped this project.

From the study of vernacular architecture and the morphology of the traditional settlement we started exploring the possibilities of the circular plan and the curved wall. The site had the particularity of having an existing natural amphitheatre generated by the vegetation. The result of this two observations lead us to the final concept that defined the project, where two main curved walls use the existing vegetation to frame two private spaces where all the learning activities can take place.

Materials used were coral stone blocks rendered with 1:12 parts cement and local earth. To the back of each classroom a ‘light wall’, which is built of planed softwood, allows for ventilation and the controlled penetration of natural light. The roof trusses are built with softwood and covered with corrugated metal sheets. The roofs drain all rain water into two large water tanks to the back. A fabric ceiling (not yet installed) hung under the trusses will stop radiation from the metal roof sheets from reaching the occupants.

The Scarcity and Creativity Studio

Kilifi District, Kenya

Design Team:
Mina-Matilde Håøya, Kevin Benny Kuriakose, SeppeClaes, Lena-MaríNordli, Laura Brasé, Miquel BeneditoRibelles, Katherine Bylett, BaoTrung Mai, Jingyi “Birdy” Xu, Maria Lagging, Bianca Suárez Steckelmacher

Christian Hermansen, Solveig Sandness

Assistant teachers:
Joseph Henry Kennedy Jr, Jan K. Godzimirski

Project year:

200.0 sqm

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