Peter Moor Hermesbühl Sports Hall

Date: January 7, 2018

Source: Peter Moor
Photography: Roger Frei

The new gymnasium tract further expands the existing school system and formulates a degree within the landmarked block edge fragment. The dormant structure leaves the existing outer spaces for the playground and the sports fields as separate areas. As before, the sports area is oriented away from the classrooms so that there is no disturbance. The playground retains its center with the existing sycamore roof. The orientation of the hall refers to this and invites the yard in addition. The original route from the main entrance to Bielstrasse via the courtyard to the outside staircase will be strengthened in space and will find a generous counterpart in the extended arcade with its open staircase. The covered pause hall and the new foyer form a coherent juxtaposition and formulate their own clear address on Schulhausstrasse. The two halls are stacked “down” and react with their moderate height to the rear road space, which is brighter and more open compared to the old situation. Further construction is also reflected in the choice of materials and the organization of the interiors.









Hermesbühl, Solothurn

Peter Moor GmbH Architekt ETH / SIA, Zürich

Peter Moor, Daniel Meurer (Project leader), Muriel Kuonen

Project manager:
Daniel Bieri, Oberdorf

Landscape architect:
Barbara Holzer / Daniel Schläpfer, Zürich

Contruction Year:

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