Jakob Timpe Stand Table

Source: Stefano Colli
Date: August 22, 2017 Category: Art, Things

9 pieces make a table

Tired of having to handle his large drawing table with each move to a new location, the designer Jakob Timpe created the ideal table structure for the urban nomad. STAND is made up of the two classic construction pieces that are used to make any table substructure, namely, legs and cross members (4 of each) and is delivered in a practical carry on linen bag convenient for storage and moving.

What sets this trestle apart is that the pieces are not glued or screwed together but instead are only joined by means of sticking the members through slots cut into the legs. The weight of a tabletop stabilizes the structure and makes an elegant dining table of beautiful simplicity.

STAND is manufactured in a Berlin cabinetmaker’s workshop using genuine solid ash wood grown in sustainable local forests. In order to accentuate the simple beauty of STAND, the surface of the wood has been left untreated (unsealed) – so it is that over time a natural patina will build up on the wood.

The table is available through the young Berlin-based design brand vondingen.

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