Arrokabe Arquitectos Three Gable Roof House in Oza

Date: January 18, 2017

Font: Arrokabe Arquitectos
Photography: Luis Díaz Díaz

The project is resolved as a single storey household covered by a three-gable roof that covers the enclosed part and the open exterior spaces including a garage. This seminal decision allowed to reduce the scale of the set by adjusting the height of the facades.

The garage is located by the access limits of the plot, some 50 cm above the ground level of the household and adapts to the original topography, thus reducing the needs for ground preparation and conditioning for vehicle access whilst contributing to the privacy of the more domestic areas.

The room program is organized around a main living-dining room that can be enlarged by opening completely towards a southeast porch, where the kitchen also opens. Variations in height and the way the relationship between inner spaces is resolved contribute equally to a greater feeling of spaciousness. The outlines featured in the storey plan respond to purpose of finding the best aspect for each room together with views above the valley and the nearby woodland.

The result is a single volume, low, stout and anchored to the ground. From the point of view of the composition, it recalls resources that are usual in traditional buildings (heavy closings with a rugged texture contrasting with the use of wood in panels and carpentry work). From an structural point of view the project is resolved with a simple system of bearing walls and a covering woodwork.

References to traditional architecture are far from literal as they are rather expressed in solutions meaning a respectful attitude towards both the environment and to former presences in the area.































Arrokabe Arquitectos

Teo, A Coruña, Spain

191.0 m2

Project Year:

Armstrong Flooring, Saint-Gobain

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