51N4E Speelpleinstraat. Kindergarten & Greenery Service

Source: 51n4e, DomusPhotography: Filip Dujardin
Date: December 3, 2016

To free up as much park space as possible, we propose to integrate the unlikely combination of kindergarten and machine depot in a compact circular building. Organized in one single level around an interior courtyard, the plan minimizes circulation and maximizes the relation with the surroundings.

The sharp contrast between the two users is softened by raising the level of the kindergarten, thus putting all users at eye level, only separated by a glass wall. Seen from the outside, the raised level detaches the building from the park, allowing the greenery to flow freely around it.

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  • VICTOR PUJOL HUGAS December 5, 2016

    no coneixia aquest edifici, molt interessant!


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