Monadnock Interior office of the Royal Tichelaar Factory

Date: November 28, 2016

Font: Monadnock
Photography: Stijn Bollaert

This transformation from utilitarian industrial building to attractive office environment required a change from hard and functional to soft and friendly. A representative environment that is welcoming for guests, while simultaneously providing a safe and clear overview of all the heavy clay works in the factory. The phenomenon of the ‘Tent Room’, as found in old country houses, was an important reference point for this transformation.

The blue tent room, designed by German architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel in the Charlottenburg Castle in Potsdam (DE) served as our most iconic premise. The concept is based on creating a light and haptic decor, a soft illusion which onceals all the utilitarian elements. The idea of a tent room is expressed by a huge, light textile ceiling. Although the office is subdivided into four rooms of various sizes, this grand gesture links them all together as part of one large space. Divided into elegant pyramids, the ceiling increases the expression of height. This covers all the required installations, such as ventilation and lighting, while simultaneously the light is evenly distributed over all the workplaces. The spatial coherence of the office is supported by transparent and lightweight glass walls, allowing constant visual contact. The furniture is custom-made and uniform in all the rooms, along with the colour palette. The innovative ceiling is manufactured from tandard ventilation cloth, normally used for ventilation ducts.

This provides a smoother airflow directly through the fabric, without any vents. The acoustics of the office are regulated by both the ceiling and the cabinets, which are covered with felt. The height of the cabinets is sufficient to allow a private conversation in a seated position, while one is immediately part of the large collective space when standing.














Royal Tichelaar Makkum, ceramics manufactory

Project team:
Sandor Naus, Job Floris

Makkum / Netherlands

Project type:
office interior


Bouwgroep Dijkstra Draisma

Project management:
Bouwadviesburo Mark White

Lampe Technical Textiles



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  • Joan Massagué November 28, 2016

    Molt elegant. Gran aportació


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