BIG Alphabet of Light

Source: BIGPhotography: Artemide
Date: July 19, 2016 Category: Art, Things

It is a language made of light, not the design of an object, but rather the development of a strong idea – using light to communicate simply and freely.

BIG starts from an abacus of essential geometries to design a new font that translates into light, an alphabet used to write and express thoughts, a tool to give shape to spaces.

Base modules, either straight or curved, with precise geometric proportions, allow to combine elements to build countless light structures, both essential and complex. It is an elementary principle generating an open system.

Few base modules linked with joints make up the individual letters of a new graphic alphabet, allow to define simple and linear or more intricate elements, including curved ones, to design light in space with words, as well as with graphic signs.

This idea is combined with the optoelectronic skills of Artemide to define an innovative manufacturing principle and produce a continuous, comfortable light.

Technological complexity is transposed into elementary gestures, the individual parts are linked with electromagnetic joints that are concealed, without shadows or discontinuities. Connections are easy and ensure maximum composition and configuration freedom. Power is conveyed between modules up to a maximum of almost 5 metres.

The section reveals a patented optical system that works with innovative materials, whose optical properties are exploited within an elementary geometric element. A thin central aluminium core supports two LED strips emitting on the opposite sides.

The calibration of the materials’ transmittance and reflectance values, combined with the geometry of the inner and outer surfaces, ensures even distribution and diffusion of light without perception of the element’s technological heart.

The emitted light is comfortable and diffused, no shadows are visible and no glaring occurs. At the same time, the yield is high, light is repeatedly processed inside the body, but none is wasted, absorption by the materials is minimized.

“With the Alphabet lamp we have designed a modular system of straight and bended components of light that enables you to write with letters, be a straight line or a curve.” BIG

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  • Gabriel July 20, 2016

    very impressive createding a connection using electromagnets to allow for quick reconfiguration of the lamp…inventive staff….great


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