Roberto González, Sergi Serrat EF House

Source: GRND82Photography: Pol Viladoms
Date: April 20, 2016

The uneven topography of the site, the good orientation and the views to the Mediterranean sea are the game rules. The difficult nature of the site is used as an opportunity to define the nature of the house. As if it was a chain of causes and consequences, minimizing the resources needed for the intervention.

The house is presented in one only floor, placed above the garden, staring at the sea, avoiding the neighbor’s shadow and dealing with the sun impact thru intermediate spaces. An object that slightly touches the ground, timidly, respecting the natural slope avoiding huge ground interventions.

The constructed volume is formed by a prism of 16,80 x 16,80 x 3,75 m that takes maximum profit of the municipal regulations. The program of the house and the orientation of the different areas states the base for the perforation of the four corners of the prism. As as result four terraces with four different characteristics and conditions appear. Each terrace is associated to an interior space and to a different function of living: eating, cooking, being, sleeping… One big central patio finishes the duty of organizing the house as well as constitutes the main entrance to the house.

Taking advantage of the profession of the client (blacksmith) the materiality and techtonics of the house are linked to industrialization, lightness, quick execution and assembly. One big metallic cage held by 4 points forms a rigid superior slab of 70cm height that holds as well the inferior slab thanks to a net of suspenders placed every 60cm around the perimeter of the slab. These suspenders are as well the base structure for the façades.

EF House – Roberto Gonzalez + Sergi Serrat Architects

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