Petr Hajek Architekti Chameleon House

Source: ArchdailyPhotography: Benedikt Markel, Pavel Pszczolka, Radka Jankova
Date: April 17, 2016

The house is located in the centre of a garden. Each single room is oriented to one of the trees. The living room faces the apple tree, the master bedroom, the cherry tree, the bathroom faces the peach tree, the guest room, the silver spruce and the children’s room, the walnut. Each room has its unique view and atmosphere.

The building is resting like a lizard in a sun-lit meadow. The inspiration for the proposal of this house is in fact a chameleon.

Eyes (windows) unrestrictedly observe the surroundings. The skin (facade), consisting of a semi-gloss coat, partly reflects the colours of the garden and the sky.

The geometry of the walls creates two different types of spaces within one plot: “The house spaces” and “the garden spaces”. “The house spaces” are facing the trees in the garden, whereas the “garden spaces” are intervals between “the house spaces”, since they are in fact invisible from the interior.

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