David Chipperfield Architects Xixi Wetland State

Soure: David ChipperfieldPhotography: Simon Menges
Date: January 15, 2016

Xixi, a national wetland park located on the outskirts of Hangzhou, is a built landscape and an area of nature, which has been shaped by man for over a thousand years. The omnipresent relationship between landscape, architecture, and water is key to the atmosphere in Xixi. This atmosphere has been integrated into a new development of apartment buildings.


The apartment buildings are surrounded by a water garden, which, as a reference to the wetland park, is a mostly wild landscape. In contrast to these green surroundings, the buildings appear as dark stone volumes embedded in the water garden. They are, as is typical for villages in Xixi, placed on a stone plinth that sits in the water. This plinth forms the base of a village group with various levels, walls, and balustrades creating a sequence of exterior spaces, which enable access to the buildings. The interiors are characterised by floating spaces. Room height windows allow for natural light and views over the water garden.


  • davidgarciasimon1 March 8, 2016

    La arquitectura como una respuesta y siempre condicionado al entorno?. El entorno es bello pero hostil a la vez?. Este proyecto ha respondido a las características del entorno?

  • sergi January 19, 2016

    Este proyecto es una pasada.
    Y un buen nido de mosquitos..

  • polmas January 15, 2016

    El agua como elemento paisajistico es demasiado potente, ojala se hiciera más.


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