Wirth Architects Remisenpavillon

Source: Wirth ArchitektenPhotography: Christian Burmester
Date: December 18, 2015

The Remisenpavillon completes a typical old farm ensemble of the region of lower saxony, germany, continuing the existing building lines, the traditional scale and building materials.

The new pavilion forms a new vertex of the group of farmbuildings and so the first impression when you approach the farm.

From afar the pavilion appears as a closed massive cube. As one approaches, the delicate structure of the hole masonry is visible, around the corner is the wooden wall of floor to ceiling entrance gates.

The new pavilion is used depending on the season for storing and editing of firewood, for parking of tractor and agricultural implements to grasland maintenance, for parking cars and in summer, when the room is empty, as a garden loggia for receptions.

The bricks for the building were recovered in a nearby fireruine. The wood of the gates came from an oak tree that was struck 15 years earlier by lightning and since then dead standing in a meadow. Being felt by a storm it was processed at the nearby sawmill to wide planks.

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  • La Tapia December 19, 2015

    Buenos días, muy interesante!, me he sentido sobrecogido por esta obra y aún no me hallo. Podría alguien explicarme que tiene de especial, soy algo duro de oído. Gracias por adelantado.


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