Olivier Werner Architect Pavilion Jean-Baptiste Clément

Source: Olivier Werner ArchitectPhotography: Franz Bourgeois
Date: August 2, 2015

The Jean-Baptiste Clément Pavilion is part of the renovation project of the city park at Brou-sur-Chantereine and is located on the new entrance.

The building provides a new landmark in the renewed surrounding green spaces and hosts a large interior space for the multi-purpose program: associations’ activities, city festivals, exhibitions, cultural events etc.

The interior volume is composed by the superposition of three elements: the ground that folds up until the roofing, the exterior wall that surrounds the room and holds the sloping ceiling and the curtain walls boosted by a range of thin columns that frames a generous view on the landscape.

The use of a broad range of expressive materials – white sandblasted concrete, grey polished concrete, painted steel and clear glazing – helps the resonance with the exterior elements. The pavilion like an antic folie tries to combine simplicity with preciousness for increasing the poetic potential of the park.

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