De Vylder Vinck Taillieu Famous Agency

Photography: Filip DujardinSource: Yellowtrace
Date: April 23, 2015

Every so often I come across a project or an idea that instantly makes my heart beat faster. I must admit, moments like this are few and far between these days. Either I’m becoming more difficult to please, or the designers of this world are collectively producing such high quality of work that it’s difficult to spot something unique, inspired and simply breathtaking. One such moment happened when I came across this incredible workspace designed by Architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu for Famous Agency in Ghent, Belgium. I was so taken by the exquisite beauty of this workplace interior, I was practically hyperventilating from excitement – one of my colleagues almost had to pass me a paper bag to breathe into.

This episode was followed by an uncontrollable wave of Tourette’s outbursts – “Holy mother f%@#ing $hit! How f%@#ing crazy hot is this place?” Etc. I’m not kidding here! Why such a strong reaction you ask? Well, you guys know I’m a huge advocate for beautiful and inspiring workplace interiors – the ultimate spatial category underdog (when compared to residential, hospitality or retail). Add to that a killer heritage building fabric, and you can almost guarantee I’ll be experiencing a mini-meltdown from too much enthusiasm. It’s oh so very sad, but just so damn true.

There is so much to love about this spectacularly effortless interior. Architects De Vylder Vinck Taillieu have managed to successfully balance the heritage character of the building, bringing in new elements that create a completely unique aesthetic – one which is really difficult to describe and categorise. It’s neither vintage nor contemporary; neither raw nor perfectly crisp. It’s everything and nothing at the same time. Colourful yet neutral. Full of personality yet restrained and understated. Eclectic and quirky, yet elegant and timeless. Better than a PRADA handbag. Hotter than Matthew McConaughey. Sexier than sex. SQUEAL! It is precisely projects like this that make me want to be a better designer, a sharper thinker and even more committed in my relentless pursuit of the best of the best. I am feeling so freaking excited right now – I am going to crack a fresh roll of yellowtrace and start sketching new ideas. Who’s with me?

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