Archea Associati Antinori Winery

Photography: Pietro Savorelli
Date: February 26, 2015

The site is surrounded by the unique hills of Chianti, covered with vineyards, half-way between Florence and Siena. A cultured and illuminated customer has made it possible to pursue, through architecture, the enhancement of the landscape and the surroundings as expression of the cultural and social valence of the place where wine is produced. The functional aspects have therefore become an essential part of a design itinerary which centres on the geo- morphological experimentation of a building understood as the most authentic expression of a desired symbiosis and merger between anthropic culture, the work of man, his work environment and the natural environment.

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  • MATSAN March 2, 2015

    wow, no se que tienen las bodegas de vino que siempre sacan arquitectura interesante :).


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