dmvA Apartments Villa Edelweiss

Source: DMVAPhotography: Serge Brison
Date: May 9, 2014

Concept: synergy

Villa Edelweiss is a brick gentlemen’s house with art-deco elements, a beautiful garden, a greenhouse and a partly walled garden.
Due to its location in the shadow of the church, the residence became one of the most dominant, expressive buildings of this village.

The development of Villa Edelweiss fits in with the vision of the municipal council to turn the unimportant urban space at the Tervuurse Baan into a full value square. After restoring, Villa Edelweiss will become the catalyst between the old church square and the new village green.

New icon

The new building project is implanted as an icon in the garden of this public property
The underground parking garage, slightly elevated above surface, limits the semi-public space and forms the base of the project.
On this socle you find a detached building volume at the Dynastiestraat and three linked volumes along the village green. These volumes both limit and connect the different streets, village squares and outdoor spaces.
The materialization in sand coloured brick of both facades and socle enhance the sculptural character of the project.

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  • Inalco Ceramics May 12, 2014

    Very integrated space, thank you for sharing.


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